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  • Did Israel drop a terrorism-related money-laundering suit to get closer to China?

    “To the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”AP Photo/Kim Kyung-Hoon, Pool

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in the hotseat amid reports that he agreed to help quash a terrorist money-laundering lawsuit against the Bank of China in order to secure a key diplomatic visit to Beijing.

  • US outraged after Israel backs out of terror suit

    Netanyahu and a Chinese official shaking hands at the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum in Shanghai, China.

    Congress, White House angry at Israel for decision to back out of trial against Bank of China for involvement in laundering of money for Hamas, Islamic Jihad. The reason: China conditioned Netanyahu’s state visit on Israeli promise not to testify in trial. Now, US threatening to subpoena.

  • Israel in middle of legal tussle between U.S. and China

    Wu Shiqiang

    A new diplomatic spat is emerging between the United States and Israel, and it has nothing to do with Iran or Palestinians for a change. Americans are angry that Israel has apparently bowed to Chinese pressure and agreed to prevent senior Israeli security officials from testifying in a private terrorism lawsuit, filed in the U.S., against the Bank of China.

  • Chinese Conundrum

    Israel's PM Binyamin Netanyahu

    In the beginning of May, Netanyahu went to China. His wife and his two sons joined him. The pictures were pastoral: the Netanyahu family visiting Shanghai; the Netanyahu family claiming the Chinese wall. The pictures did not hint anything about the pressure associated with the visit and the crisis that was developed in the triangle Israel-China-USA, a secret crisis that reached its boiling point in the last days.

  • China’s Challenge to Netanyahu

    Israel's Prime Minister faces a tough choice.

    Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a tough choice to make – alienate Beijing or not? If he remains true to his anti-terrorist outlook, he should run the risk of upsetting the Israel-China relationship in favor of establishing a broader and more important principle: that banks should not get into bed with terrorist groups.

  • U.S. Court Case Tests Israeli Resolve

    Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R., Fla.), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, wrote to Mr. Netanyahu on Wednesday to urge him to follow through on what she described as Israel's commitments to the Wultzes and allow the testimony to proceed.

    A lawsuit in a New York federal court has put Israel’s leader in an extraordinary bind, between nurturing a growing relationship with China and pursuing commitments to fight terrorism and help an American family seeking justice for their son.

  • China pressuring Netanyahu to drop support for US terror funding case

    Xiao Gang has served as Chairman of the Bank of China since 2004.

    Bank of China allegedly allowed Iran to fund Islamic Jihad organizations connected to a 2006 Tel Aviv suicide bombing. Beijing is pressuring Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to backtrack on a promise to help in a US terror funding lawsuit involving a Chinese bank’s alleged involvement in a 2006 Tel Aviv suicide bombing, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.