Open Letter to Israeli Treasury Minister Yair Lapid

Dear Minister Lapid:

I voted for the “Yesh Atid” party in the recent elections and to tell you the truth, I am quite happy with most of the things that you have done up until now. Unfortunately, “Yesh Atid” is in coalition with Prime Minister Netanyahu who is not permitting an agent of the Mossad to testify in a case that is taking place in the United States against the Bank of China.

Daniel Wultz rushed to hospital

April 17, 2006: American teenager Daniel Wultz is rushed into an ambulance following a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv.

In 2006 a good friend of mine who lived in the United States came to visit his family in Israel, and found himself on April 17th in a restaurant in Tel Aviv, when a suicide bomber arrived at the door with a bag full of explosives. I don’t think that I need to explain what occurred from here on. What I will tell you is that my friend’s name was Daniel Wultz and through great physical strength and amazing persistence, he was able to survive 27 days in Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv. Sadly he succumbed after a long fight with the wounds that were inflicted in the attack.

I spent all of those 27 days in the hospital with his family and friends, but because I was so young, I was not exposed to all of the occurrences that were taking place back then. It turns out that in 2007 the Israeli government, led by then Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, gave the Wultz family information concerning the link between the Bank of China and the funding of terrorist organizations. The Israeli government pleaded that the Wultz family take legal action against the Bank of China in the United States. They promised them that if they did so, Israel would provide an eyewitness, an agent of the Mossad that had been sent to China back in 2005 to warn the Chinese government of their involvement in terrorist activities, to testify in court.

The Wultz family agreed and after much effort and many expenses on their part they are now at a crucial point in the lawsuit in which they need Israel to stand by its word and provide the promised testimony. However, in May 2013, just before Prime Minister Netanyahu left for his trip to China, the Chinese warned him that if he did not stop the eyewitness from testifying in court, then he shouldn’t come to China at all. This debacle, of course, took place under the radar and no one heard of it at all after Netanyahu had already returned from his trip to China.

So this is the abridged version of the story of how the Prime Minister broke Israel’s promise to fight terrorism and all who spread it. I am sure that Israel has a lot to gain from its newfound economic relations with China. I am sure that Netanyahu thinks that he is looking at the broader picture. But you Minister Lapid, you are a man of values with a greater moral vision of things. I am sure that you agree with me when I say that Israel has nothing to gain from doing business with those who help terrorists. The day that we lose ourselves in this manner will be the darkest in our history. The judge in New York has given a deadline (August 31st) to provide the eyewitness. After this date we will all have taken part in one of the most unjust cases that Israel has seen in its short history.

Minister Lapid, I turn to you as a voter, a citizen of Israel, and a friend of Daniel Wultz. Use the powers that we the people have bestowed upon you to prevent such a thing from happening under your watch.

Eitan Lukin

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