Wultz Family Not Backing Away from Bank of China Lawsuit

August 19, 2013

The lawyers of the terror victim families, that sued the Bank Of China for transferring funds to  Hamas and Islamic Jihad activists clearly state: “ Without Us There Will Be No Settlement”.  This said in response to first time statements of Israeli senior officials in the case, which hints that Jerusalem is looking for a way to end the investigation in this case.

Israeli Ambassador to China, Matan Vilnai said to Maariv in the weekend’s edition, that he “hopes that this case is behind us.”

Netanyahu and Dermer

Israel’s incoming Ambassador to the U.S., Ron Dermer, right, says all those involved are looking for a solution.

Advisor to the Prime Minister, Ron Dermer, who is designated to be the upcoming Israeli Ambassador to the United States, and other senior advisors said in closed meetings that all those who are involved are “looking for a solution, ” and the prediction is that Israel is formulating a behind the scenes agreement with the Chinese authority or the Bank Of China management.

In response, the lawyers of the terror victims clarified that no one talked to them and without the families’ consent there will be no possibility to reach a settlement.  In a first public statement regarding this, the lawyer of Daniel Wultz’s family, Lee Wolosky,  told Maariv that no one approached him and he has no intention of stopping the legal process.

“No one approached us regarding any suggestion that could offer a solution to this case.  In the absence of such proposals, we intend to take this case to trial, prove the bank’s liability of transferring the funds and win a judgment worth many millions” said Wolosky, who was formerly in charge of the fight against terror financing in the U.S. administration.

Attorney Nitzana Darshan Leitner, who represents tens of other families that sued the Bank Of China, clarifies as well that no one approached her in this case, and without the families’ consent, there will be no settlement with the Chinese.

“Bank of China broke the law and aided terror, it has to pay for its actions.  You can’t roll back just like that a lawsuit like this one,” said Darshan Leitner.  “There are still many legal tools to force the State to introduce evidence that they have, and which, as of now, it refuses to turn over in contrast to their initial promise. If this evidence is not turned over to us, it will be considered obstruction of justice, and the American court will determine who prevented it, and why evidence that was promised by the state was not delivered.”

Constant Probing Sores

A few days ago, two Eilat residents, whose husbands were murdered in a suicide bombing 6 years ago, approached the Prime Minister and requested he allow the testimony of the witness, Uzi Shaya.

In the severe attack that occurred on 1.29.2007 in the bakery “Lehamim” in the city of Eilat, our husbands and the father of our children were murdered in cold blood,” wrote Karen Elmaliajh and Shani Ben-Saadon. In the letter to they wrote to Netanyahu they said that the Chinese demanded Israel prevent justice against the bank and this is like “adding insult to injuries, and we are urging you not to be part of it. The Chinese had an opportunity to respond to the Israeli pleas and stop the cycle of violence- but they refused.”

They added in their letter to Netanyahu:  “we, the families of terror victims are working in legal ways for years, probing in our sores and struggling against the Chinese defense and their refusal to take responsibility for their actions. We believe wholeheartedly that the Israeli government should allow the legal process continue and let the court decide who is liable and what is a fair restitution.  We are hopeful that this kind of judgment will be a deterrent in the future, to the Chinese and others, from aiding terror.  We are urging you today Mr. Prime Minister, please, come out in an announcement that Israel has no intention to submit to a foreign country’s dictation.”

The Prime Minister’s office is refusing to discuss the case.  In an interview that was published in Maariv last week, the Israeli Ambassador to China, Matan Vilani said “the case endangers the relationship with China”.  A month ago it was uncovered that because of Chinese pressure, the Prime Minister prevents the former Security employee, Uzi Shaya, from testifying in a case against The Bank Of China.

According to those involved in the case, Israel promised to allow the testimony of Uzi Shaya in the US court. Shaya is eye witness to the fact that the Chinese knew that money which was deposited in account of BOC were transferred to finance terror organizations that were attacking Israelis.

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