Israel’s friends urge Netanyahu not to succumb to Chinese pressure

“If Israel will not stand up to terror, who will?”

From Uruguay to Argentina, South Africa, India, Canada, Italy, England, cities across America, and Israel itself, a growing chorus of Israel’s closest friends are publicly voicing concerns about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wavering on a commitment to allow a former intelligence officer to provide critical testimony in an American court about the Bank of China’s role in a 2006 terrorist attack that killed American teenager Daniel Wultz.

Netanyahu and Keqiang

Benjamin Netanyahu gestures as he talks to China’s Premier Li Keqiang at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing during May 2013 visit to China.

Within several days of launching Justice for Daniel Wultz on Facebook, the group had attracted more than 4,000 members. Thousands more visited to read articles covering the period from the April 2006 terror attack at Rosh Ha’ir restaurant in Tel Aviv to the most recent stories of American congressional leaders publicly rebuking Netanyahu for sacrificing the fight against terror to Israel’s hopes for stronger ties with China.

Endorsing an “Open Letter to Israel’s Ambassador to the US Michael Oren,” Yitzhak Rosen of New York urged Netanyahu not to “succumb to the Chinese government and its complete lack of values and morality.”

From Argentina, Daniel Werba questioned: “Since when do the lives of fellow Jews come second to financial or commercial interests?”

Ivy Goldstein in Austin, Texas asked, “If Israel will not stand up to terror, who will?”

A former neighbor of Daniel Wultz, Liatte Tsarfati Lasher, spoke out from New York about the impact the teen’s life and death had on her community.

“Daniel was my neighbor and the same age as me, sixteen, when he was killed,” Lasher said. “I saw firsthand how the community I grew up in united together for the first time in praying for him. I saw firsthand how many lives Daniel touched and changed. He deserves justice: his parents deserve a witness. The terrorist organizations whose missions are to kill innocent Jews like me and you, and those organizations that fund them like the Bank of China, deserve to be brought to justice.”

From Oakland, CA, Caryn Wolf quoted from the open letter to Ambassador Oren, “An Israel that takes sides with those who helped murder Daniel Wultz and many others will be a nation without a moral compass. We hope you share our belief that allowing the witness to testify is the decision Israel must make not just for Daniel and his family, but for the security and well-being of Israel and the Jewish People for generations to come.”

In Los Angeles, CA, Simon Shiff’s words reflected the sentiments of many, “There should be no supporting any organization that supports terrorism.”

Abraham Mercado of Fort Lauderdale, FL added heartfelt words on behalf of Daniel’s closest friends: “My best friend didn’t deserve to die and those responsible must be brought to justice. That’s what Daniel deserves.”

Like many others in South Florida, where Daniel Wultz grew up, Judith Rose urged the Government of Israel to fully cooperate in the lawsuit brought by the Wultz family against Bank of China.

“Please bring China to justice,” Rose said. “Make the statement that supporting terrorism is not acceptable.”

From Johannesburg, South Africa, Laura Sher wrote, “The world must be made aware. We all seek justice.”

Allon Shiff of Burke, VA asked, “In good conscience, how can you not support this case?”

Shiff added, “This action is an incredibly important front in the war on terrorism.  The moral basis of the current Israeli government is predicated on defending her citizens from harm. [Preventing the witness from testifying] will unravel and undermine future efforts by Israel to defend her actions against Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran. It will also damage the relationship Israel has with many in America who support [Israel] based on her strategic situation.”


Open Letter to Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren

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