Israel criticized over Bank of China case

The government refuses to clarify whether a senior defense official will testify in lawsuit against Bank of China in the United States. Judge: “The answer leaves me in the dark.”

Ariel Kahane | 24/07/2013

[Excerpted from Hebrew publication. Full article available here.]

Terror attack at Rosh Ha'ir restaurant, April 17, 2006

Israel has refused demands to allow a key witness to testify about Bank of China’s role in a 2006 terror attack that claimed the life of American teenager Daniel Wultz.

New York law requires the government of Israel to pass a definitive answer on whether it intends to allow the testimony of a security oficial, Uzi Shaya, in the Bank of China case. Recall, the family of the late Daniel Wultz, who was murdered in 2006 in an attack in Tel Aviv, sued Bank of China claiming the bank served as a channel for transferring funds to Hamas.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who ordered Shaya a year ago to testify, now gave the opposite promise to the Chinese that Shaya would not testify. Because of the sensitivity of the matter, Israel has refused to declare this officially.

Netanyahu is believed to have ensured the Chinese that evidence shall not be provided and that Israel has no intention of cooperating.

The Wultz family insists that the Prime Minister keep his promise and authorize the testimony. It’s believed that the affair will severely complicate relationships with the United States or China.

It should also be noted that the late Daniel Wultz was a relative of the leader of the Republican majority in the House, Eric Cantor.

Transcripts provided exclusively to Ma’ariv show that the American judge is not satisfied with the response received from representatives of the government.

On July 12, a representative of the State Attorney’s international department, Isaac Bloom, told the court, “We are examining the issue [and will] notify you when we will have an answer.”

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